We make people smile

At Freesia Flowers we know that sending flowers conveys a truly heartfelt message to someone special. It could be an expression of love, affection, health, happiness and a lot more.

We also know that with every delivery we make, a great deal of trust has been placed in us to help you express your emotions in the form of beautiful fresh flowers.

Our mission is to help people share smiles, so any day can become a special occasion or make a celebratory date extra wonderful.

We are proud to help our clients celebrate life by translating their messages into the beautiful language of fresh flowers. That is the goal that everyone in our team dedicates themselves to

Sharing smiles

Our Values

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We strive to be professional, we are searching for excellence in every single action. Getting things done punctually in a professional way time requires engagement, commitment, planning and proper execution. We want to be our best selves every day!


Our customers are at the centre of our thoughts. We make decisions with our customer’s best interest in mind, we want to deliver the best service with the best value.


We want to grow! We are always looking ahead, planning our next leap to the next step, while ensuring our core is stable. We want to growth faster and further!


We are a team. We always take into account the needs and goals of other team members. We will search for the best solution to any challenge, we will be open and sincere with everyone. As a team we are stronger.


We think in positive terms. We will search for the solution and not focus on problems, we will think of the challenge ahead and learn from our mistakes. Having a positive attitude means seeing the best part of the matter, it means searching for solutions to any problem. That is also what professionals do.


We want to be number one! We want to be creative and to adapt to growth. We embrace challenges and we welcome new ideas. We can find innovation in day-to-day tasks, while growing towards a more innovative future.

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